• Fórum

    June 04-06
    Theatro NET - São Paulo (SP)

  • Less Inequality,
    More Brazil.

    ANFIP and Fenafisco joined this motivation looking forward
    more tax justice for the country, with more employment and development in the future.
    This is the campaign called Reforma Tributária Solidária, which is already online and has the Brazilian’s culture.

forum internacional tributário sp 2018

Participate in the 1st edition of Fórum Internacional Tributário SP 2018, which will take place from 04 to 06 June 2018, at Theatro Net SP, in São Paulo. It will be a big international debate to contribute with the search of alternatives to the improvement of the Brazilian tax model, which should have biannual periodicity and the expectative of 800 participants, in addition to renowned international experts.

This event represents a national development project, called Reforma Tributária Solidária, and seeks the best tax practices based on deep studies and exchanges of experience with plural actors of the economy in the 5 continents.

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It's a True Development Tribute! A reform capable of making feasible the planning of a Brazil with more opportunities! All together in search of solutions capable of achieving this goal, guaranteeing fiscal justice in a way to promote social welfare in Brazil.

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